Nailing the utterly common, yet coveted Susan Katz domain on the web is well, like grabbing it for John Smith. True, I might have an easier time checking into hotels than John, but securing life online with my *real* name wasn’t going to happen.

Susan Katz
Your hostess—Susan Katz

Early to claim and lucky, I did snag a few pure Susan Katz user names on several choice platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn and Gmail—with no dashes, numbers or middle initials. But what to do about a dot com URL?

Craft a verb, I thought. Hence, Katzing was created. 

So that’s the story behind the name, now for my story, the short version.

I’ve worked in the media industry my entire career.

I’ve had the great fortune to work in every medium for a diversity of clients who’ve taught me so much about their businesses and industries. I am grateful. And I’ve met so many wonderful vendors, teammates and players along the way. People who I can count on. People who are my friends.

I began as a print journalist where I learned writing, editing, proofreading, copy editing, layout, design, headline writing and print production.

I moved to television where I wrote, produced, directed, designed, post production produced, line produced, executive produced, casted talent, wrangled the day and cultivated client relationship after client relationship.

Taking these skills, I worked in radio, magazines, public relations, and then, on to where we have all moved… digital media.

For a play-by-play detail of the journey:

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Oh, almost forgot. You said you wanted to see pictures of my Maine Coon cats. Well, OK. But only because I’m being forced….

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