Katz’s Publicity Methods Class Crafts Multimedia Campaign for The New Downtown Bridgeport | UB News | University Of Bridgeport

A city and the university bearing its name are intrinsically bound together. What better way to strengthen that bond than through a semester-long class project assigning mass communication and graphic design students the work of conceptualizing a publicity campaign to revive its Downtown?


Lucky for Bridgeport to have Professor Susan Katz, well-known about town for her pedagogical style of experiential learning, to connect the city and university together through an integrated marketing and communications (M/C) plan entitled The Bridge: Bridgeport’s New Downtown.

For all who attended her final Publicity Methods class presentation in early December, it was clear Katz knows both how to unite key community leaders together and how to teach her students what it takes to be a professional in the highly competitive M/C field.


Source: UB students craft publicity campaign for downtown Bridgeport revival | UB News | University Of Bridgeport

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