Katz Gets Highest Political Media Honor from American Assoc. of Political Consultants

Pollie Awards Best Direct Mail Susan KatzSusan Katz of Katzing Creative Ways has been awarded the coveted Pollie Award from the American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC), the industry’s highest honor conferred to political media consultants at the national and international level. Katz was recognized in the category of Direct Mail—Mayor for Joe Ganim (CT).

This is the third win for Katz’s work on the Ganim campaign. She won Campaigns & Elections magazine’s prestigious Reed Award and top honors as winner of the peer-judged Goldie Award for political communication excellence. 

“Wins in this year’s Pollie contest are even more significant than before, as the judging criteria were tougher and the emphasis on the political effectiveness greater,” said AAPC President Mark Mellman. “This year’s winners should be proud of their outstanding work and their contributions to the political process.

The AAPC announced this year’s winners at the 2016 Annual Pollie Awards & Conference in April in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The bipartisan honors are granted annually by the AAPC to members of the political advertising and communications industry who have demonstrated superior work on behalf of their candidates and causes.

Esquire magazine has dubbed the Pollies “the Oscars of political advertising.”

Katz worked the Ganim for Mayor campaign from its exploratory phase through the general election as a media consultant, producer and creative. She worked in the same capacity to the Mayor in ’91 in his first successful mayoral election.

The Pollie Award-winning direct mail, Joe Ganim is Listening, was the first major mail piece put out during the primary.

The same direct mail piece also won The Goldies for Direct Mail Excellence: Candidate Local/County.

No politician’s comeback story in American was more unfathomable than the quest of Joe Ganim. “The thought of a former mayor who spent seven years in prison for public corruption running a competitive race against an eight-year incumbent is jaw-dropping,” wrote Lennie Grimaldi in Only in Bridgeport.

“A stunning political comeback,” wrote The Wall Street Journal. “Mr. Ganim’s victory is a stunning return to public office,” wroteThe New York Times.

Ganim beat back his past and the enormous war chest of the two-term incumbent by seeking a second chance in a city home to many people in need of second chances.

It was a double punch. Two elections. And Ganim won them both in his spectacular comeback run. The primary, Sept. 16, brought the highest voter turnout in 30 years. And on Nov. 3, Ganim sealed the election in a landslide. He swept into office with 59.4% of the vote, easily winning in a seven-way field of candidates.

The annual Pollie Awards & Conference brought together leading political professionals to network and hear from top technology innovators, pollsters, pundits and service providers as the 2016 political cycle continued to heat up.

Pollie Awards Direct Mail Joe Ganim
The Pollie Award-winning direct mail, Joe Ganim is Listening, was the first major mail piece put out during the primary.

The Conference featured cutting-edge programming on key industry trends, designed to empower attendees to leverage the latest techniques in media production, campaign strategy and management. The Conference is widely recognized as the must-attend event for political consultants, media buyers, public affairs specialists, suppliers, industry leaders and journalists.

Susan Katz
has been strategizing, writing, producing and directing media for political, advertising and corporate campaigns for over 25 years. Her work in digital and traditional media continues to receive client accolades and national award recognition.

Founded in 1969, the AAPC is a multi-partisan organization of political and public affairs professionals dedicated to improving democracy. The AAPC has AAPCover 1,400 members hailing from all corners of the globe. It is the largest association of political and public affairs professionals in the world.


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